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Board Member Profile: Communications Director

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Roderick Renato DeJesus

Team Club
Tati Team Club Track Squad

How did you get into cycling? 
I got into cycling because I didn't want to pay for the CTA passes I'd have to purchase once I graduated college and lost my Upass. I started out on a schwinn varsity that didn't fit me and eventually meandered into singlespeeds, and then fixed gears, then track bikes and road racing. 

Most memorable track experience
Probably that time I crashed at the cvc in front of a bunch of people I had just met.

Seriously though, the most memorable track experience was my first time doing a track clinic with Kevin Perez. Marie Snyder drove me out to the track with a bike I had just built, and I got to sprint my lil heart out and realize how awesome track racing can be. I also met one of my best friends, Nate Miller that night.

Favorite track
Northbrook is pretty swell. 

Favorite things about Northbrook Velodrome
The community is nice and welcoming, I've never felt like I didn't belong. Thursday night racing, hanging out in the infield munching on snacks while watching all the racing going on is probably my favorite thing about summer. 

NCC goals for 2015
My main goal I guess is to make everything more accessible, to help get new people out to the clinics and then the racing nights. I want to help make the racing the best it can be. 

Favorite Thursday Night of racing
Keirin Night!

Favorite Snack
It's a toss up between slices of pizza and entire pizza.

Off the bike skills/interests
I'm a painter/illustrator. My work can be found at I'm also into eating. Its pretty much my favorite thing to do.

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