Northbrook Cycle Committee

Track Racing at Ed Rudolph Velodrome

Board Member Profile: Government Relations Director

Meet our 2015 NCC Board of Directors! We will profile each of the board members throughout the off season. Wanna know something specific? Shoot us an email!


Team Club
Garner Northbrook Bicycle Club

How did you get into cycling? 
I started racing on Friday nights at ERV on my road bike after graduating from college.

Most memorable track experience
I can't remember much at my age.

Favorite track
ERV - I've never ridden anywhere else.  I really love track racing!

Favorite things about Northbrook Velodrome
Most everything but the Park District.

NCC goals for 2015
Patch the cracks!

Favorite Thursday Night of racing
Any Thursday when it rains May - Sept.

Favorite Snack

Off the bike skills/interests
Ice hockey - play, officiate, coach
Downhill ski - Wilmot Mtn Ski Patrol
Saying ""NO!"" to Elle and Asher.
Being affectionate towards Heather.
Walking Olivia.

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