Northbrook Cycle Committee

Track Racing at Ed Rudolph Velodrome

Categories and Upgrades

2017 Upgrade Policy

Nearly all of our events are permitted through USA Cycling.  Our training nights and clinics, as well as select race events, are permitted through ATRA. Check out all of the events we permit on our event calendar. 

USA Cycling uses categories to classify the ability of a rider. Read more about USA Cycling's track categories here (note: for 2017 all points from the previous year will cary over for upgrades). When riders advance to higher categories, it is called upgrading. Because we believe in safety above all else, we use a slight variation to USA Cycling's upgrade process. 

Requirements for upgrade from category 5 to category 4

The Northbrook Cycle Committee in conjunction with the ERV track officials and the ICA has created a points based system for category 5 to category 4 upgrades. In order to upgrade a rider must attain 12 points, of which 4 must be from a race event. The points breakdown are as follows (NOTE THIS IS STILL TENTATIVE AND WILL BE FINALIZED AT THE APRIL NCC MEETING): 

Attend a clinic = 2 points

  • Monday Structured Training (4/24-8/28) **new racers are encouraged to attend Mondays**
  • Women’s Introductory Track Clinic (4/22)

Attend the Fundamental Track Cycling Clinic = 9 points total (6 clinic points, 3 racing points)

  • Saturday 5/6 (rain date 5/7) more information here

Participate in a race event = 1 point

  • Men's Category 5 race events for 2017 include:
    • Select Monday nights (TBD by Kevin) in conjunction with Monday night training (NEW FOR 2017)
    • Category 5 Thursday racing nights (5/18, 6/29, 8/3)
    • Saturday Sprint Omniums (5/13, 6/10, 7/8)
  • Women's Category 5 race events for 2017
    • All Thursday racing nights (as a combined category 4/5 field)
    • Select Monday nights (TBD by Kevin) in conjunction with Monday night training (NEW FOR 2017)
    • Saturday Sprint Omniums (5/13, 6/10, 7/8)

2017 ICa Upgrade spreadsheet

To improve the upgrade process we have created an upgrade spreadsheet in conjunction with the ICA and USAC officials. 

Please click HERE to review the spreadsheet.

Once you have reached the required points to upgrade, your name and row will be highlighted in green. If you have questions, please email us at

All upgrades should be submitted through the USA Cycling website. Upgrades to the higher categories will follow the USA Cycling protocol listed in the USA Cycling guidelines.