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Monday Updates

5/22/17 - Last week was our unique 'Unknown Night' program which put a twist on our usual schedule and brought out some fantastic racing. In addition, it was our first Cat 5 night of the year and so many riders showed up that we had to split the group in two! Looking forward to seeing all the Cat 5's race every Thursday in the 4's once they earn their upgrade! As a reminder our upgrade procedures are here and updated upgrade tracker is here. Also, thanks to Comrade Cycles for supporting the racing! Definitely swing by their shop at 1908 W Chicago Ave. Super friendly staff and people who definitely know what they're doing.

The weather was beautiful during warmup, and then in one gust of wind, it immediately dropped twenty degrees! But at this point of the year, if it's not raining, we're happy. Since it was our first of three Cat 5 nights, we'll start the recap of racing there. John Bowie (Intent) swept the 5B session while Graham Spicer (Unattached) took 2 of the 3 races in the 5A heats. Kevin Perez has the Cat 5's across the board riding and racing strong. If you haven't attended his weekly Monday night clinics, definitely give them a try as you can see it paying off for many riders new to track cycling. In the Men's 1/2's Jake Buescher (xXx) and Tyler George (xXx) again swept the night of racing, but not after fierce attempts by Dan Verner (Pact-Dish) to unseat them. Dan not only won the Masters 40+ race, but finished 2nd in a tough 1/2 Unknown Points race and got off the front with Jake and Tyler in a 3 man group in the 1/2 Unknown Scratch race that went to the line - earning him a very well deserved Most Courageous Rider award at the end of the night. In the women's 1/2/3's, Lily Williams upgraded and the field noticed as she swept the night of racing again. We also had separate winners in every race in our Men's Cat 3's and 4's fields showing how much diversity in talent we have in those categories right now (with Sol Treister and Jon Smail likely taking Omnium honors). Anna Affias of Spidermonkey continues to roll in the Women's Cat 4/5 field sweeping the evening, while Elizabeth McKinley and Samantha Scipio got on the podium each race. Jon Costin also swept the night in a mixed Juniors field.

This Thursday will be our first of two Ten and Five Mile Record Attempts. Come out and look to make it hot from the gun! 

Unofficial Results of the evening below. Rider of the Year Standings have been updated and are posted here

Most Courageous Rider Award

Men: Dan Verner
Women: Lily Williams

Session 1: Unknown Elimination (First, Second, Third)

Men's 1/2: Jake Buescher, Tyler George, Dan Breuer
Women's 1/2/3: Lily Williams, Francine Haas, Angela Rochester
Men's 3: Sol Treister, Andrew Giniat, Jason Holly
Men's 4: Matthew Giedt, Jon Smail, Daniel Corley
Women's 4/5: Anna Affias, Elizabeth McKinley, Samantha Scipio
Juniors 9-18: Jonathan Costin, Kendall Griffin, Jimmy Chiguil
Men's 5A (Scratch): Graham Spicer, Anthony Bustamante, Brad Erickson
Men's 5B (Scratch):  John Bowie, Carlos Bernabe, Jacob Huizenga

Session 2: Unknown Points

Men's 1/2: Jake Buescher, Dan Verner, Matt Fox
Women's 1/2/3: Lilly Williams, Francine Haas, Angelas Rochester
Men's 3: Andrew Giniat, Sol Treister, Kennen Hootman
Men's 4: Jon Smail, Tom Driver, Matthew Giedt
Women's 4/5: Anna Affias, Samantha Scipio, Elizabeth McKinley
Juniors 9-18: Jonathan Costin, Kendall Griffin, Jimmy Chiguil
Men's 5A (Points): Edward Gross, Marvin Maya, Brad Erickson
Men's 5B (Points): John Bowie, Carlos Bernabe, Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin

Session 3: Unknown Scratch

Men's 1/2: Tyler George, Jake Buescher, Dan Verner
Women's 1/2/3: Lily Williams, Francine Haas, Katie George
Men's 3: Jason Holly, Rod DeJesus, Sol Treister
Men's 4: Tom Driver, Jon Smail, Matthew Giedt
Women's 4/5: Anna Affias, Samantha Scipio, Elizabeth McKinley
Juniors 9-18: Jonathan Costin, Kendall Griffin, Jimmy Chiguil
Men's 5A: Graham Spicer, Marvin Maya, Edward Gross
Men's 5B: John Bowie, Carlos Bernabe, Jacob Huizenga
Masters 40+: Dan Verner, Jason Garner, Larry Stoegbauer

Reminder, all weather related cancellations for our events are posted to twitter (which is updated at the bottom of this page). Consider opting in to our new Thursday Night Racing weather cancellation text message system, details at Thursday Night registration.  Also, in case you missed it, the 2017 race calendar is up here

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