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6/23/17 - Our first International Omnium attempt ever at the Northbrook Velodrome went off as a success! ... until the rain came and ruined the final points race for all categories. Oh well. We saw lots of good racing across the board. The Cat 3's and 4's were really well mixed all night with five different winners in six events and were primed for great battles in the final points race. Hopefully everyone had fun and learned a little bit about how the International Omnium is run. Congrats to our first IO winners at the track, Jacob Cramer (Cat 3), Matt Sedwick (Cat 4), Francine Haas (Women's Open), and Tyler George (Cat 1/2).

A special thanks to  Bouledogue Tout Noir for hosting this unique night of racing. The team's members are great racers, better people, and staples at the Northbrook Velodrome. For more information about the team check out their webpage here.

Unofficial Results of the evening below. Rider of the Year Standings have been updated and are posted here

Most Courageous Rider Award

Men: Joseph Proszowski
Women: Leah Sanda

Session 1: IO: Scratch Race (First, Second, Third)

Men's 1/2: Tyler George, Luke Momper, Matt Fox
Women's Open: Francine Haas, Molly Shough, Leah Sanda
Men's 3: Jacob Cramer, Tom Driver, David Smith
Men's 4: Brad Erickson, Robert Bigelow-Rubin, Matt Sedwick

Session 2: IO: Point-A-Lap

Men's 1/2: Tyler George, Matt Fox, Dan Breuer
Women's Open: Francine Haas, Leah Sanda, Katie George
Men's 3: Jacob Cramer, Tom Driver, Matt Giedt
Men's 4: Matt Sedwick, Jason Knauff, Robert-Bigelow-Rubin

Session 3: IO: Elimination

Men's 1/2: Tyler George, Luke Momper, Brian Haas
Women's Open: Francine Haas, Katie George, Molly Shough
Men's 3: Joseph Proszowski, Dylan Wiwad, David Smith
Men's 4: Jason Knauff, Matt Sedwick, Robert Bigelow-Rubin

Session 3: IO (Final Top 5)

Men's 1/2: Tyler George (120), Luke Momper (106), Matt Fox (102), Jeff Whiteman (100), Brian Haas (92)
Women's Open: Francine Haas (120), Katie George (108), Molly Shough (108), Leah Sanda (108), Sophia Escobar (82), Erica Chianese (82)
Men's 3: Jacob Cramer (114), Tom Driver (108), Joe Proszowski (106), David Smith (96), Matt Giedt (88)
Men's 4: Matt Sedwick (114), Robert Bigelow-Rubin (110), Jason Knauff (108), Anthony Hoak (96), Chris Witek (96)

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