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7/10/17 - After a rained out week, last Thursday we were back in action with our 2nd 10 mile record attempt. The men organized fairly well early, but got behind pace just enough to end a good attempt. Jake Buescher again took the win with a 6-to-go attack that stuck. On the women's side, the PACT-Dish team did enough to disorganize the flow of the record attempt to keep their record in tact for another year. Daphne Karagianis, after doing quite a bit of work in the race, outkicked Francine Haas for the win. The 4's didn't have quite the numbers to put up a big time, but Chris Witek again showed he was up to the task taking the win in the Cat 4 Five Mile race. 

A big thanks to the Evanston Bicycle Club for hosting the night of racing! The club meets every third Tuesday of the month at the Ecology Center at the Ladd Arboretum at 7:30. Check them out!

Track season is really starting to heat up as we're going to start getting into the most important races of the year locally. This week the Amy Tremelling and Franco Panveno Points Races are on tap with a huge payout in the women's race. BFF Bikes will be leading a ride up to the track starting at 5:30 to spectate if you're interested!

Unofficial Results of the evening below. Rider of the Year Standings have been updated and are posted here

Most Courageous Rider Award

Men: Jake Buescher
Women: Angela Rochester

Session 1: Tempo (First, Second, Third)

Men's 1/2: Jake Buescher, Tyler George, James Calvetti
Women's 1/2/3: Francine Haas, Angela Rochester, Courtney O'Neill
Women's 4/5: Sam Scipio, Kayci Sterzer, Ella Neurohr
Men's 3: Andrew Giniat, Tom Driver, Joseph Proszowski
Men's 4: Jason Knauff, Anthony Hoak, Chris Witek

Session 2: 10 and 5 Mile Record Attempts

Men's 1/2/3: Jake Buescher, Tyler George, Luke Momper
Women's Open: Daphne Karagianis, Francine Haas, Angela Rochester
Men's 4: Chris Witek, Dan Corley, Brad Erickson

Session 3: Danish W&O

Men's 1/2: James Calvetti, Tyler George, Luke Momper
Women's 1/2/3: Angela Rochester, Courtney O'Neill, Francine Haas
Women's 4/5: Amelia Van Maldegiam, Anna Pasek, Ella Neurohr
Men's 3: Matt Giedt, Tom Driver, Andrew Giniat
Men's 4: Chris Witek, Dan Corley, Brad Erickson
Masters: Josh Ryan, Tom Driver, Voytek Glinkowski

Reminder, all weather related cancellations for our events are posted to twitter (which is updated at the bottom of this page). Consider opting in to our new Thursday Night Racing weather cancellation text message system, details at Thursday Night registration.  Also, in case you missed it, the 2017 race calendar is up here

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