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7/24/17 - Last week was the inaugural George Garner Memorial Keirin presented by the George Garner Cyclery Track Team. George Garner, an icon at the Ed Rudolph Velodrome, passed away late last year. His love and passion for the bicycle undoubtedly lives on through everyone who steps foot on the track. It is only fitting that with his incredibly successful sprint-heavy local cycling team that we now honor him each year with a namesake Keirin race. The George Garner Cyclery team has been unquestionably one of the most dominant teams at the track over the past half-decade. Jeff Whiteman, Matt Fox, Jason Garner, and Robbie Higgins have seemingly been able to win-at-will at times in the past and certainly have forgotten more than many know about the sport of track cycling. Their shop is located very near the track at 1111 Waukegan Road, but also have locations in Lake Zurich and Libertyville. 

The Keirin itself produced some fantastic finishes. On the 1/2 side Tyler George edged out Jeff Whiteman in a photo finish. Francine Haas took the Women's Keirin in a back and forth night with Katie George. Jacob Cramer continues to excel at the sprint events winning the Cat 3 event while our Junior friend from Wisconsin, Sam Cabaltera (runner up in match sprints at the third Dream Omnium event) won the 4's and Junior events. 

The Keirin finals were captured here live and now on replay by our race director Val Brostrom!

We have some nice battles RoTY battles shaping up. A few things to watch in the coming weeks: Dan Breuer and Matt Fox are in a dead heat for the podium in the Men's 1/2's. However, our current RoTY champion Jeff Whiteman is quietly charging hard now up to 5th place. On the women's 1/2/3 side, Angela Rochester, Katie George, Leah Sande, and Molly Shough are all neck and neck for the final two podium spots. Chris Witek, Dan Corley, and Jon Smail are deadlocked for the Men's 4's title. Merely two points separate Jon Costin and Kendall Griffin in the Juniors 15-18 group AND Jason Garner and Brian Haas in the Masters 40+ group, while merely one point splits the PACT-DISH duo of Dan Verner and Aram Bayzaee in Masters 50+. So, a ton of close races to look out for in the coming weeks as RoTY points start to double here soon.

Also, check out some photos from the Third Sprinters Dream Omnium. Thanks to Rod DeJesus for the snaps!

Unofficial Results of the evening below. Rider of the Year Standings have been updated and are posted here

Session 1: Danish W&O (First, Second, Third)

Men's 1/2: Tyler George, Matt Fox, Jason Garner
Women's 1/2/3: Katie George, Sophia Escobar, Molly Shough
Women's 4/5: Amelia Van Maldegiam, Sharon Budde, Kayci Sterzer
Men's 3: Tom Driver, Jacob Cramer, Matt Giedt
Men's 4: Sam Cabaltera, Chris Hildreth, Chris Kirkham
Juniors: Sam Cabaltera, Nicholas Labbe, Kendall Griffin

Session 2: George Garner Memorial Keirin

Men's 1/2: Tyler George, Jeff Whiteman, Matt Fox
Women's 1/2/3: Francine Haas, Katie George, Sophia Escobar
Women's 4/5: Amelia Van Maldegiam, Kayci Sterzer, Sharon Budde
Men's 3: Jacob Cramer, Daryus Patel, Tom Driver
Men's 4: Sam Cabaltera, Chris Hildreth, Anthony Hoak
Juniors: Sam Cabaltera, Jimmy Chiguil, Kendall Griffin
Masters 40+: Jeff Whiteman, Brian Haas, Jason Garner
Masters 50+: Aram Bayzaee, Dan Verner, Voytek Glinkowski

Session 3: Scratch

Men's 1/2: Tyler George, Matt Fox, John Janunas
Women's 1/2/3: Francine Haas, Katie George, Sophia Escobar
Women's 4/5: Amelia Van Maldegiam, Kayci Sterzer, Sharon Budde
Men's 3: Matt Giedt, Jacob Cramer, Robert Kowal
Men's 4: Chris Hildreth, Sam Cabaltera, Anthony Hoak
Juniors: Sam Cabaltera, Jimmy Chiguil, Mike Khrin

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