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Track Racing at Ed Rudolph Velodrome

Illinois State men's Track Championship history

Year Kilo Sprint Pursuit Points Scratch Keirin
2017 Tyler George Matt Fox Jake Buescher Tyler George Tyler George Jeff Whiteman
2016 Tyler George Jeff Whiteman Tyler George Dan Breuer Michael Heagney Matt Fox
2015 T.George, M.Fox Jeff Whiteman Tyler George Greg Monko Jeff Whiteman Matt Fox
2014 Jeff Whiteman Jeff Whiteman Tyler George Nikos Hessert Jeff Whiteman Jeff Whiteman
2013 Jeff Whiteman Danny Robertson Jeff Whiteman Brian Haas Brian Ellison Jeff Whiteman
2012 Jason Garner Jason Garner Brian Rady Larry Stoegbauer Liam Donoghue Jeff Whiteman
2011 Josh Ryan Josh Ryan Liam Donoghue David Moyer Jeff Whiteman Jeff Whiteman
2010 Jason Garner Josh Ryan Chris Mosora Al Urbanski Liam Donoghue Jeff Whiteman
2009 Matt Fox Josh Ryan Chris Mosora David Moyer Adam Lesniakowski Matt Fox
2008 Voytek Glinkowski Kevin Perez Chris Mosora Jason Garner Adam Lesniakowski Matt Fox
2007 Jay Keltner Jay Keltner Brendan George Jason Garner Chris Mosk Matt Fox
2006 Chris Mosk Kevin Perez Randy Warren Dan Verner Jason Garner
2005 Chris Mosk Matt Fox Stathy Touloumis Todd Yezefski Matt Fox
2003 Kevin Perez Kevin Perez Brendan George Randy Warren Mike Ebert
2002 Jay Keltner Kris Kuttler Brendan George Shannon Malquist John Puffer
2001 John Puffer Jay Keltner John Puffer Brian Haas John Puffer
2000 Jay Keltner Jay Keltner Derek Witte Mike Ebert Derek Witte
1999 Chris Naunheimer John Vittallo Chris Naunheimer Ken Labbe Ken Labbe
1998 Ken Labbe Ken Labbe Eric Walters Ken Labbe Mark Scott
1997 Doug Pence Ken Labbe Doug Pence Chris Naunheimer Ken Labbe
1996 Bill Clay Bill Clay*** Fabio Oralndi Ken Labbe
1995 Andy Coletta*** Andy Coletta Andy Coletta*** Brian Whitcomb
1994 Andy Coletta Andy Coletta*** Andy Coletta*** Tom Letzel
1993 Chris Petty Chris Petty Chris Petty Chris Colleta
1992 Bill Clay Bill Clay Chris Petty Scott Arrigoni
1991 Chris Coletta Bill Clay Chris Petty Steve Severer
1990 Scott Cain Matt Chambers Chris Petty Bill Hannahs
1989 Matt Chambers Matt Chambers Matt Chambers Matt Chambers
1988 Matt Chambers Andy Gabel Tom Rawkowski Fabio Orlandi
1987 Frank Filardi Andy Gabel Tom Rawkowski Matt Chambers
1986 Kit Kyle Kit Kyle John Praxmarer Matt Chambers
1985 Dan Van Haute Dan Van Haute Dan Van Haute Matt Chambers
1984 Matt Chambers Bob Orlandi Matt Chambers Matt Chambers
1983 Peter Kron Brian Castro Matt Chambers Peter Kron
1982 Peter Kron Bob Vehe Dan Casebeer Dan Casebeer
1981 Peter Kron Peter Kron Dan Casebeer Chris Gutowski
1980 Dan Van Haute Bob Vehe Dan Casebeer Dan Casebeer
1979 Scott Andrews Bob Vehe Scott Holzrichter Rich Zebrowski
1978 Scott Andrews Scott Andrews Dan Van Haute Dan Van Haute
1977 Scott Andrews Scott Andrews Dan Van Haute Dan Van Haute
1976 Tim Zasadny Tim Zasadny Mike Farrel Dan Van Haute***
1975 Bob Vehe Bob Vehe Jim Mensching Mike Farrel***
1974 Bob Vehe Tim Zasadny Jim Mensching Eddie Vanguyse***
1973 10 Mile Scratch Race - Bob Vehe
1972 10 Mile Scratch Race - Steve Schaefer

Out of state riders participate and enhance Illinois Championship competition, however, only Illinois residents are eligible for medals.
***Results under review
****Only 10 Mile Scratch Race event held in 1972 and 1973
2004 Events held in Kenosha, WI


Year Roger DeLanghe Trophy Race Tomasz Pac 100 Lap Points Race George Garner Memorial Keirin
2018 Dan Breuer
2017 Tyler George Tyler George Tyler George
2016 Andrew Crater Tyler George
2015 Jeff Whiteman Johnny Kuhfahl
2014 Jeff Whiteman Tyler George
2013 Liam Donoghue Randy Warren
2012 Jeff Whiteman Stathy Touloumis
2011 Joshua Carter Chad Hartley
2010 Chris Mosora
2009 Adam Lesniakowski
2008 Alex Wieseler
2007 Chris Mosk
2006 Jason Garner
2005 Matt Fox
2004 **
2003 Robbie Ventura
2002 Kenny Labbe
2001 Kenny Labbe
2000 Jeff Senn
1999 Jeff Senn
1998 Jeff Senn
1997 Jeff Senn

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